Christmas Crafternoon

Creative Play

Dec 2017

Since we love repetition like you may have noticed, through the years we ended up with a whole lot of junk at our studio! it was time to draw a line.
We assumed that other designers that like crafts would have that same problem, and so we picked up the phone to organize a mass clean-up through creativity.
The Christmas Crafternoon!
We gathered 5 designers with their trinkets and organized a day where people were invited to use any material they want to create a Christmas gift instead of buying one. We were there to assist them in realizing their idea.
the results were astounding!

As well as finding a way to put our junk in good use we wanted to raise awareness about the amount of useless gifts we buy that ends up exhausting our resources and ending up in a landfill, however making something by hand is a true gift, you have gifted your time and effort to show love and care— and that is priceless.

April 2016
This workshop was inspired by the realization that many parents feel a bit clueless when it comes to playing with their kids. There is often the temptation to interfere in the game, to let the kids always win, or sometimes simply park them in front of the TV or Playstation to keep them entertained. So we put together a workshop by mixing some skills, tools, and intuition to help parents see through their children’s eyes, find ways that they can encourage their kids to explore through play, giving them the freedom to experiment without feeling judged or controlled, and actually enjoy playing with them without feeling like it’s a chore.