Air Chair

Truck Bed


Tarbouch lamp

May 2010
The Air Chair was one of our very first furniture pieces.
It is a chair made entirely of used water bottles and tied by rope, and more important than the bottle we depended mostly on the air inside of it.
It is a very sturdy yet very light piece of furniture that started off as a challenge to test the strength of repetitive units and distributed weights evenly while keeping an ergonomic and aesthetic form.
Since it took shape it has been part of our everyday office furniture that we use and misuse and it still stands strong.

 This chair was designed and executed with our architect friend Yassin El Hamaky.

January 2018
Trucks always seem to have something to say. No matter how kaleidoscopic they are, they parade through the streets in virile strength and seriousness. And so, this is an homage to these drivers, to those that are brave enough to show all their colors! We made this to honor the cotton candy pink souls with the most masculine scars, to tell them that we acknowledge their power, we admire their unparalleled style and we salute them.
This truck bed is simply just not apologetic. It is an over-the-top, smack-out naughty piece of furniture that’s made to shock. It must definitely be a conversation starter if you’re into wow-ing your visitors.

Everything in this bed was intended to be true to its form. The truck bed was crafted by real tuck builders, the calligraphy was made by real truck calligraphers, the built-in side lamps (Reading lights) were sourced from car accessories shops, all the way to the LED lights hidden in the headboard and surrounding the bottom of the bed to “elevate you” to this psychedelic Tokyo meets share’ el Haram vibe.

September 2011
 We love messing around with the expected function of things and so we wanted to experiment with old T.V sets. This expired yummy piece of vintage junk has been resurrected to provide 24/7, 3D, colored, live entertainment, commercial-free personalized for you.
Don’t you just love technology?We have to give an honorary mention to the 2 fish that gave their lives in order for this aquarium to see the light. We’re sorry Bardo and Bardak. You will be remembered and appreciated.

September 2011
The Tarbouch (Fez) has to be one of our favorite clothing items in our culture’s wardrobe. It’s a cylindrical hat made of burgundy/red velvet with a tassel coming out of the center of the top part. A hat that is very difficult to guess, even for fun, what could’ve possibly been the reason it evolved this way!

Whatever the reason is, we just love it and so we decided to honor it by blowing it up into the size of a standing lamp and by keeping loyal to the exact dimensions and materials used in your regular Tarbouch.
Our hand-made Tarbouch is made from sturdy oak wood with a convenient detachable table at the base that you can use at the lamp or detach and use elsewhere, which can be very useful in dinner parties.
Aaaand it’s actually available for sale at our online shop!