Zafir Shop

Darb 17/18 Restrooms

Summer Wall

August 2011
Studio Zafir was a design store and a platform for products such as jewelry and clothing, and also provides space for graphic designers to display and sell their products.
The concept we followed when designing this store was simple: buy nothing.
Everything used to create the store was upcycled from old furniture pieces that were slashed and reassembled to become showcases. We used black paint on the walls to really highlight the character of each product, with strong splashes of neon and Japanese newspapers that we got from the Japanese Embassy.
The main concern was to make the space itself a work of art while not taking attention away from the items on display. We wanted the clients who walked in the door to feel a sense of calm when stepping out of Cairo’s chaotic streets while still maintaining an element of creative mess.

April 2013
This was a commissioned piece for the restrooms in Darb 17/18. Darb is a community space used for exhibitions, performances, and classes with a focus on contemporary art. The primary goal in the main bathroom was to give enough mirror space to do what one has to do in front of a mirror but not lull in their vanity. And so came the binary bathroom.

The smaller bathrooms were made mostly with repetitive rulers. Because there is nothing stronger than taking one element and repeating it until you make the viewer forget its initial purpose.

July 2016
This was a commissioned piece for a family home in Sahel. For many people who live in the city, the time they spend in Sahel is the one time that they get to really connect with nature and so we wanted to embrace that by bringing some greenery into this home. We used these giant leaves from a Washingtonia Palm to create a textured surface with a depth of colors and dramatic lines. The best part is that each year the colors change as the leaves dry!