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Tetra Wallets

Salt & Pepper Shakers

We always saw those super cool toys at music festivals abroad and were so annoyed that we couldn’t find them in Egypt, so we decided to make them!

Practicing spinning is a very meditative, exciting, dancy form of fun that you can do anywhere, just put some groovy music on and just spin! 

All pois are hand made, sturdy, and funky as *uck!

We had ball pois for beginner spinners and tail pois for Intermediate spinners.

Pack included A pair of pois, waterproof mesh bag.

Adjustable according to your length.

We find the Egyptian Folkloric kites to be the most beautiful kites seen soaring any skies. This is a revamped celebratory toy of summer and how beautiful and fun our Baladi kites are.

These kites are handmade by a (then) 75-year-old kite maker and his 10-year-old daughter. Made of Tyvek paper; a french light paper patented against tearing. It is water-proof, sturdy, and recycled.

The tail is 3-meter cellophane confetti of colours, and the handle holds 150 meters of the line which means you can fly it as high as a 55 story building.

This fun yet sturdy kites brought joy to anyone who flew them.   

Came in colour or plain white so that you color it yourself.

We waste nothing! This baby is a surprisingly sturdy colourful pop of colors that was once a juice or milk box and has been transformed into a wallet with TWO compartments, one for money and one for cards

These fun and eclectic shakers are made from reused mini liquor bottles. We love repurposing items instead of throwing them away and these provide a useful and innovative table accessory. Washable. Comes with actual salt and pepper and a stand to place them in.