Freska Campaign

​​Fresca is a popular Egyptian nut gaufrette that is mostly sold on the Mediterranean beaches. During the past 20 years sellers have been selling it in plastic bags which long outlives its purpose and often end up as litter in the sea. The purpose of this campaign is to replace the harmful plastic bags with paper ones while engaging people in the process.

2019 Campaign

2021 Campaign

There are many objectives of the Freska campaign, social and Environmental. To name a few:

1- Stop 31,000+  plastic bags from being produced and disposed of to package fresca.

2- Decrease the environmental imprint of the fresca by not participating in the manufacturing of plastic or in the chopping of any trees either since the pouches are made of 100% recycled paper.

3- Inspire and help fresca sellers to continue suit even after the campaign by providing them with contacts of affordable print houses where they can make their own recycled fresca packs.

4- Create awareness and conversation about the usage of single-use plastic packaging and the basic concepts of the life cycle of plastic.

3- Create ownership of change and plant a deeper involvement with the participants by engaging them in the distribution step  to encourage them to take more action into this direction.

How it works exactly:

People are encouraged to pick up their free “packs of 200” from the closest TBS branch.

– A cover info sheet is on the “Packs of 200” on how to approach and pleasantly start a conversation to present the pack to their compound’s fresca seller.

 – Each pouch has light, guilt free and encouraging information about the concept of biodegradability, micro plastics and the Earth’s capacity to integrate waste in Arabic.

– We encourage people to take a photo of their achievement and share it with us on social media.

In 2021, we relaunched the campaign this time with 2 sponsors.

We managed to stop 43,000+ plastic bags from being used and disposed of in the environment.

The 2021 campaign was particularly difficult with the rise of Covid-19 and the exaggerated use of disposable plastic to avoid contamination and the spread of the pandemic

We understand the idea that individual packaging slightly decreases the possibility of the spread, but the real question is… At What Cost?

We did have a successful campaign anyway. The fresca packs were picked up and distributed from Dekhela Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh to Ein El Sokhna.

Contact us to volunteer in our next campaign!