Biodegradable Plates

Do you know that you can’t recycle styrofoam?


So not only is it a non-biodegradable material, it is also non-recyclable AND toxic. Fascinating!

Drumstick has come up with a natural and local alternative that does the job even better! Our plates are made of 100% recycled material and are 100% biodegradable.

It is certified food safe and is healthier than plastics since it doesn’t leak any phthalates or any other plastic-related toxins.

It is as light as styrofoam but is much sturdier and doesn’t break as easily as styrofoam.

It is water-resistant, heat resistant, freezable, and allows some liquid retention so that the trapped liquid from a single fruit that’s gone bad doesn’t affect the fruits around it.

Our biodegradable plates lets the produce breathe and so it prolongs the shelf life of the packed fruits and veggies saving a lot of food waste resulting from produce going bad on the shelf because it’s suffocated in plastic packaging.

After its single-use life, you can toss it out in your compost bin guilt-free!


 23×13.5×2.5cm for 0.5 kg

23x18x2.5cm for 0.75- 1kg

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